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Sun Aug 28, 2016 3:38 am (PDT) . Posted by:

Date Last Updated: 07-17-2012

To: NewEnglandNetworking Group Members
From: Gary Wright – Moderator of NewEnglandNetworking Group

Subject: Group Guidelines

Background of the group:

Additional Group Names: - General High Technology Roles

This group covers what I call the Greater New England Area – States covered are ME, VT, NH, MA, RI, CT, & the Tri-state area – NY, NJ & PA.

The intent of the group is 2 fold – Ist and foremost I started this group to help people locate new opportunities and act as a forum for the surrounding process. This means networking, job leads, job postings, contacts, articles on anything that may be useful to people in search mode, new company funding etc.

Secondly, as you know I own my own company and specialize in Recruiting & Search focused on the High Technology related areas and companies. I also use this group as an additional means of sourcing candidates for positions that I am trying to help clients fill. This means that any assignments that I am working on I post to the group, looking for candidates or referrals that may be interested in the position.

The group is moderated, meaning nothing gets posted with out me approving it. This allows me to monitor all postings to make sure they are on topic and also to eliminate any SPAM. I spend a considerable amount of time managing this group to try and make it useful to the members.

General Guidelines:

· No Attachments are allowed – Avoids New Virus's sneaking thru
· Stay on Topic – Job & networking related information
· No Politics
· No commercials or SPAM – A short company blip, as part of your signature is fine.
· No resume posting on the message board. It is ok to post an elevator speech and that you are looking for an opportunity as long as it does not exceed a paragraph or so.
· No bashing of members or anything else that does not show respect to individual members
· Please include a one or two word description at the beginning of the subject line of your email to identify the type of posting:


Assistance Needed
Contact Needed
Company Information
New Job

I am not going to enforce any kind of rigid rules here as I want members to be able to post without a great deal of hassle. Use your common sense and it should be fine.

If you are not sure if something is suitable for posting send it to me for review at

Job Posting Guidelines:

· Please limit postings to no more then 5 per day

· Full Time or Contracting positions in the following states are allowed:

ME, VT, NH, MA, RI, CT, NY, NJ, & PA

· Additionally, it is all right to state NE, New England, East Coast, North East or Any State in your job posting, if it includes the states above.

· Positions offering Relocation for any state can be posted. Must indicate in subject line that position offers Relocation.

· The Subject Line of the message must contain at a minimum the following:

Ø Posting Content – New Job, Reposted Job, Revised Job, Job Cancellation
Ø Job Title
Ø Job Location – City & State or NE, New England, North East, or Any State
Ø Relocation if position offers if outside of Greater NE

· If job allows for relocation, state this in the subject line of message

· Reposts will be limited to once per week

· If you have a need to post several jobs on a given day, I suggest that you create a summary list with a link to each specific job to the web site where the job description is located.

I have tried to make these guidelines as simple as possible to follow and I alone with choose to enforce the rules. I do not want it to be difficult to post and I would rather have good leads or information posted as opposed to being the network police.

Lastly, always feel free to give me your comments or suggestions regarding the group.

Thank you for your membership, as it is appreciated.


Gary L. Wright - President/Principal

Wright Associates - High Technology Recruiting Services
***** Your Partner for Success *****

Office: 508-761-6354
Email: - Web Site: www.WrightAssociates.Org

Sun Aug 28, 2016 3:38 am (PDT) . Posted by:

Last Updated - 06-17-2012

General information on housekeeping procedures for the NewEnglandNetworking Groups.

Please save this information for future use.

Group Names - General High Technology Roles

Here are the Sample E-mail addresses for the following activities.

Please replace the group name with the group name you are concerned with:

Post message:
List owner:

To access the group via Yahoo - go to

You will need a Yahoo ID for this.

To change message delivery options - go to same address as above - sign in - click on edit my membership - set message delivery option

You have 4 choices: I recommend the Daily Digest option

Message Delivery

Individual emails. Send individual email messages. You receive one email for every message posted.

Daily digest. You receive one email per 25 messages or one email per day if less than 25 messages have been posted. The digest version includes a quick summary of each message in the email that you can review - If you click on a particular message link then the whole message will appear. Send many emails in one message.

Special notices. Only send me important update emails from the group moderator.

No email. Don't send me email, I'll read the messages at the Web site.

Select option best for you then save changes.


Gary L. Wright - President/Principal

Wright Associates - High Technology Recruiting Services
***** Your Partner for Success *****

Office: 508-761-6354
Email: - Web Site: www.WrightAssociates.Org

The New England Networking Group is Moderated by:

Gary L. Wright - President/Principal - Wright Associates

Wright Associates specializes in High Technology Recruiting Services for the New England Market Place.

Phone:    508-761-6354

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